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Ken's Clearance Corner

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[Udder Comfort Blue Spray-4L Picture # 1]

Udder Comfort Blue Spray-4L 639910 Video Available

Udder Comfort™ includes a natural blend of essential oils that softens and soothes quarters/udders a...

Case Qty: 2
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[Agita Fly Bait-1kg Picture # 1]

Agita Fly Bait-1kg 677616 Farm Declaration Form Required Video Available

PESTICIDE LICENSE IS REQUIRED. AGITA is used as a scatterbait for the control of house flies on far...

Case Qty: 9
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[Tetramed 250-400g Picture # 1]

Tetramed 250-400g 617131

INDICATIONS: As an aid in the treatment of infections caused by or associated with micro-organisms s...

Case Qty: 25
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[First Strike-7kg Picture # 1]

First Strike-7kg 674521 Farm Declaration Form Required

First Strike Soft Bait is a new concept in rodenticide technology. It's highly effective and palata...

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[Lacta Spray-500mL Picture # 1]

Lacta Spray-500mL 639889

Lacta Spray is a peppermint and tea tree oil lotion formulated to enhance udder comfort in dairy cat...

Case Qty: 12
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[Lever-Lock Shoulder Slapper -Shoulder Slapper Characters 7/8

Lever-Lock Shoulder Slapper -Shoulder Slapper Characters 7/8" 697000

For Lever Lock Slapper (7/8"). Please communicate at the time of check-out which individual characte...

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