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Ken's Clearance Corner

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[Calf Starter Bowl Picture # 1]

Calf Starter Bowl 917372 New

4" Starter bowl, much faster calf starter intake. For use in the first two weeks. Diameter of bowl e...

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[Coveralls-Disposable Tyvek-3XL Picture # 1]

Coveralls-Disposable Tyvek-3XL 631582

WHILE QUANTITIES LAST. Tyvek spun bonded olefin by Dupont has been hailed for years. It has served ...

Case Qty: 25
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[Insulated Coveralls-44T Picture # 1]

Insulated Coveralls-44T 631917

One-piece, navy, insulated coveralls with Farmers Farmacy logo. These coveralls are made in Canada w...

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[Resolv-7kg Picture # 1]

Resolv-7kg 674535 Farm Declaration Form Required

Resolv soft bait rodenticide gives you strong results while lowering your cost-per-placement expense...

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[Kane Creep Feeder -Replacement Bracket Picture # 1]

Kane Creep Feeder -Replacement Bracket 917431

WHILE QUANITITY LASTS. Bracket for Creep Feeder. Code 917430

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[Elastrator Rings-100/pkg Picture # 1]

Elastrator Rings-100/pkg 692302

Rubber rings used for castration of cattle, goats and sheep. The rings are also used by many produce...

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