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Ken's Clearance Corner

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[Tomcat Bullet Bait Station Picture # 1]

Tomcat Bullet Bait Station 674225

Tomcat bullet bait station features a low profile station and is keyed to ensure security. It is eas...

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[Elastrator Ring Applicator Picture # 1]

Elastrator Ring Applicator 692301

Elastrator Ring Applicator is used for the application of rubber rings in the castration of cattle, ...

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[Teat Healant-8 oz Picture # 1]

Teat Healant-8 oz 698078

A lotion that has antiseptic properties plus stimulates healing of udder rot and frost bitten teats....

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[Excal Nipples Red-Calf Picture # 1]

Excal Nipples Red-Calf 690536


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[Lamb Nipple Snap On Picture # 1]

Lamb Nipple Snap On 917662

WHILE QUANTITIES LAST. Manna Pro lamb nipples are made from a durable, long-lasting compound and can...

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[Garth Pig Stockmanship Picture # 1]

Garth Pig Stockmanship 603300

WHILE QUANTITIES LAST. Garth Pig Stockmanship

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