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Barn Equipment: Miscellaneous

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12" Tip Bowl Latch Kit 917471

WHILE QUANTITIES LAST. Latch kit for 12" tip bowl.

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[Calf Warmer with Heater-Replacement Heater Picture # 1]

Calf Warmer with Heater-Replacement Heater 616271

Replacement Heater for Calf Warmer. Has 3 heat and 2 fan settings. Max 1500W.

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[Calf Warmer with Heater-Replacement Slat Picture # 1]

Calf Warmer with Heater-Replacement Slat 616272

Special Order Item
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[Calf Warmer with Heater Picture # 1]

Calf Warmer with Heater 616270

The Calf Warmer provides excellent care for newborn calves. The calf warmer is constructed with med...

FOB Cambridge
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[Cow Lifter-Replacement Crank Picture # 1]

Cow Lifter-Replacement Crank 639740

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[Cow Lifter Picture # 1]

Cow Lifter 639735

The Vink lifting hoist fits over the animal's hip bones and is fastened by adjusting the crank. The...

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[Dead Stock Cart Picture # 1]

Dead Stock Cart 691100

Specially constructed for removing sows and market hogs easily and safely by one person.

FOB Cambridge
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[Drill Mixer Picture # 1]

Drill Mixer 917449

A multi-purpose tool that attaches to an electric drill. 4" diameter head, 24" long.

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[EZ-Boot Brush Picture # 1]

EZ-Boot Brush 639732

The EZ Boot Brush cleans, scrubs, and disinfects without electrical power. Easily hooks up to a wate...

FOB Cambridge
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[Euthanasia Cart Picture # 1]

Euthanasia Cart 691120

WHILE QUANTITIES LAST. The Euthanizer cart is on four casters making it portable in the barn. Carbo...

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[Head Lock & Lift Picture # 1]

Head Lock & Lift 603700

For use with self-locking headgates. Immobilizes the cow's head in one single movement. Easily and s...

Special Order Item
FOB Cambridge
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[Kerbl Pail-Lid Only Picture # 1]

Kerbl Pail-Lid Only 917376

Plastic lid for 12L Pail (917375).

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[Kerbl Pail-Pail Only Picture # 1]

Kerbl Pail-Pail Only 917375

Heavy-duty, all-purpose 12L bucket with metal handle. Lid and pail sold separately.


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(Can also be purchased in cases of 10)

[MS Pail Green Picture # 1]

MS Pail Green 61505701-GRE

Standard plastic bucket; with 12 litre capacity. This heavy duty model is a strong bucket that keep...

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[MS Piglet Box Picture # 1]

MS Piglet Box 63405341

This strong, plastic transport box is specially developed for the MS Piglet Treatment Trolley Frame....

FOB Cambridge
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[MS Piglet Treatment Trolley Frame Picture # 1]

MS Piglet Treatment Trolley Frame 63409818-FRAME

With this specially developed trolley you can treat new-born piglets quickly and efficiently. Charac...

FOB Cambridge
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[Premix Augers Picture # 1]

Premix Augers 915509

Premix Augers

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[Pump - Drum (115L or 210L) Picture # 1]

Pump - Drum (115L or 210L) 912617

EZ-Action Safety Drum Pumps come in one size that will fit the 115L and the 210L drum. Smooth pump ...

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[Pump - EZ Action with Adapters (18.9L) Picture # 1]

Pump - EZ Action with Adapters (18.9L) 912616

EZ-Action pumps are designed with safety features to avoid user contact with chemicals. A locking sa...

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