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Ken's Clearance Corner

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Instruments: Sheep

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[Anti-vac Lamb Bottle -500mL Picture # 1]

Anti-vac Lamb Bottle -500mL 917675

The Anti-vac bottle features a unique vacuum releasing valve which allows flow to be regulated. The ...

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[Anti-vac Lamb Bottle -Replacement Nipple Picture # 1]

Anti-vac Lamb Bottle -Replacement Nipple 917676

Replacement nipple for the Anti-vac bottle.

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[Ewespoon-4/pkg Picture # 1]

Ewespoon-4/pkg 691331

The ewespoon is designed for ewes and goats as a simple and economical way to control gestation prob...

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[Excal Nipples Red-Lamb Picture # 1]

Excal Nipples Red-Lamb 917658

Red excal nipple.

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[Excal Nipples Red-Stop Valve Picture # 1]

Excal Nipples Red-Stop Valve 690538

Stop Valve.

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[Lamb Nipple - Soft Rubber Picture # 1]

Lamb Nipple - Soft Rubber 917681

Lamb and kid nipple, soft pliable rubber that snaps onto the bottle threads.

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[Lamb Nipple Snap On Picture # 1]

Lamb Nipple Snap On 917662

WHILE QUANTITIES LAST. Manna Pro lamb nipples are made from a durable, long-lasting compound and can...

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[Lamb Nipple for Pop Bottle Picture # 1]

Lamb Nipple for Pop Bottle 917680

Excal lamb nipple including cap, nipple and ball valve. Compression-molded rubber nipple lasts longe...

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[Lamb/Kid Nipple-Pritchard Picture # 1]

Lamb/Kid Nipple-Pritchard 690629

Designed for orphaned lambs. The metal valve inside allows air to flow in smoothly while controllin...

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[Lambing Aid - Cable Picture # 1]

Lambing Aid - Cable 694100

This convenient and easy to use tool is helpful during lambing or farrowing. It has a strong stainl...

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[Lambing Aid - String Picture # 1]

Lambing Aid - String 694099

A useful tool for assisting lamb, calving hinds, or other small animal births. Snare can be put over...

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[Milk Bar Lamb/Goat - Replacement Nipple Picture # 1]

Milk Bar Lamb/Goat - Replacement Nipple 690586

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[Prolapse Harness for Sheep Picture # 1]

Prolapse Harness for Sheep 695208

Nylon prolapse harness for sheep with ewespoon.

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[Ram Marking Harness with Snap Buckles (Shepherd's Mate) Picture # 1]

Ram Marking Harness with Snap Buckles (Shepherd's Mate) 696305

The blue harness has been studied by animal breeders in order to meet specific needs. Easy to use a...

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[Tube Feeder Picture # 1]

Tube Feeder 695728 New

60c syringe with soft latex feeding tube. Feeding tube is 4.7mm in diameter and 16" in length. It re...

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