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Topicals: Miscellaneous

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[Alcohol 99%-4L Picture # 1]

Alcohol 99%-4L 630509

Active ingredient(s): Isopropyl alcohol - 99%. Indications: Rubbing alcohol is utilized as a count...


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[D-Horn Paste-85g Picture # 1]

D-Horn Paste-85g 675333

D-Horn paste is to prevent horn growth and remove horn buttons on calves.


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(Can also be purchased in cases of 9)

[Dr. Naylor Dehorning Paste-4 oz Picture # 1]

Dr. Naylor Dehorning Paste-4 oz 675332 Video Available

Provides a quick, economical method of dehorning young animals at any time of the year. One applica...

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[MS Non-Bite Spray-600mL Picture # 1]

MS Non-Bite Spray-600mL 61909950

The MS Non-Bite Spray is an anti tail-biting spray. Made from deer horn oil, this spray has an unple...

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[MS Scippy Spray™-250mL Picture # 1]

MS Scippy Spray™-250mL 64509922

MS Scippy Spray™ is used to determine whether a gilt or sow is at the right stage to be artificially...

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[Repiderma-250mL Picture # 1]

Repiderma-250mL 600520 RWA / VGF Approved Video Available

Intra Repiderma is an approved Veterinary Health Product to maintain, support, and promote healthy h...


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