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Hoof-fit Gel-430g 603899

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Intra Hoof-fit Gel is the FIRST Canadian non-antibiotic medicine to treat digital dermatitis. Directions for use: Trim the claws 2 to 3 times per year. All the animals should preferably be trimmed by a professional trimmer. Clean the claw thoroughly with a towel (do not use water). Make sure that any manure present is removed from the claw and from the interdigital space. No milk nor meat withdrawal times. (Directions on the label) Apply Hoof-fit Gel to the claw and the interdigital space using the included brush. We advise you to use wraps. Make sure that a wrap, such as our Intra Tape, is removed within 3-4 days. If necessary, apply a thin layer of Hoof-fit Gel without a wrap on days 3 and 7. Benefits: Individual treatment of digital dermatitis. Contains no antibiotics, so consequently, there is no possibility of antibiotic resistance from this product. Strong adhesion to the hoof for best coverage. Safe for the user and the environment. No milk nor meat withdrawal times. DIN 02441284.

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