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Hot-Shot Livestock Prod - Rechargeable 693325

[Hot-Shot Livestock Prod - Rechargeable Picture # 1]

Highest power output of all the Hot-Shot prods. Cannot be damaged by dirt or moisture. Prod wands sold separately. It is important to properly condition or break-in your new Rechargeable Battery Pack in order to maximize its life and performance. New Rechargeable Battery Packs arrive in a discharge condition and must be fully charged before use. This conditioning charge may take up to 16-24 hours. It is recommended that you fully charge and fully discharge your Rechargeable Battery Pack 2 – 4 times to allow the batteries to reach its rated capacity. The term ‘fully discharge’ means to use the Rechargeable Battery Pack in the Hot-Shot device under normal conditions until the device no longer operates correctly. It is a good idea to have a second battery pack charged and ready when the first battery pack discharges.

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