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Udder Singe 15' Hose, 50" Wand with Cart 696548

[Udder Singe 15' Hose, 50

The original Udder Singe consists of a wand, hose, valve, specially calibrated regulator, heat resistant glove, and flint lighter. This 15 ft. hose unit with a 50" wand come with a metal cart with wheels to hold a 20lb propane gas tank (propane tank not included ), which is ideal for stanchion or free stall barns. It uses low temperature flame to remove hair from the udder and belly quickly and painlessly. This system eliminates the need to clip udders manually to improve sanitation. To use, quickly pass the flame over the areas to be singed. Keeping udder hair short all year helps with less preparation to produce quality milk.

FOB Cambridge
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