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[Stalosan Blue & Yellow Hand Spreader Picture # 1]

Stalosan Blue & Yellow Hand Spreader 690527

Commercial heavy-duty hand held spreader. It has a funnel-shaped design tailored for ideal material ...

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[OB Chain Handle Picture # 1]

OB Chain Handle 695518

Use in conjunction with OB Chain. Provides a good grip on the chain. One piece chrome-plated constru...

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[Dexafer 200 Injectable-200mL Picture # 1]

Dexafer 200 Injectable-200mL 602942 RWA / VGF Approved

INDICATIONS: For the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anaemia in new-born piglets. 200mg/...

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$27.50 each
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(Can also be purchased in cases of 12)

[Ewespoon-4/pkg Picture # 1]

Ewespoon-4/pkg 691331

The ewespoon is designed for ewes and goats as a simple and economical way to control gestation prob...

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[Cal Paste Plus-400g Picture # 1]

Cal Paste Plus-400g 602553

INDICATIONS: Cal-Paste Plus is a vitamin and mineral supplement for dairy cattle. It provides certai...

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$12.95 each
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(Can also be purchased in cases of 12)

[Lamb/Kid Nipple-Pritchard Picture # 1]

Lamb/Kid Nipple-Pritchard 690629

Designed for orphaned lambs. The metal valve inside allows air to flow in smoothly while controllin...

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