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Hycare Specialists
Hycare Specialist - Tony Hycare Specialist - Dave

We are pleased to introduce Tony Bergsma and Dave De Graaf to you, our valued customers! In 2019 we recognized a need to begin offering on-farm sales and support to Farmers Farmacy® customers and prospects interested in MS Schippers HyCare products. HyCare products are designed to help farmers improve hygiene and care for their animals thus reducing the need for antibiotics. HyCare products often require additional explanation, calculations and set up suggestions which are best provided on farm. As a result, we found two new team members who could support the HyCare product line up by travelling to the producer, gaining an understanding of their needs and then suggesting the right solution, including the cost of implementing it!

If you are interested in a Total Water Care solution to help improve the quality of your animals drinking water, or have a concrete surface that you’d like to seal with a coating, or have a desire to do a better job cleaning your barn between animal groups to reduce disease pressure please reach out to either Tony or Dave to arrange a visit on your farm. Dave serves southwestern Ontario and is based in Cambridge, while Tony serves Manitoba and is based out of Carman, MB. Both Tony and Dave can provide support on the entire assortment of Farmers Farmacy® products and are available by appointment. Please reach out via their contact information listed above. We look forward to serving you through this new point of contact and trust it will be a beneficial way Farmers Farmacy® can provide valuable products and services to your farm, helping to make raising healthy animals easier and more cost-effective.