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[Hot-Shot Prod Wand - Flexible Lexan, Black-42

Hot-Shot Prod Wand - Flexible Lexan, Black-42" (Actual Wand Length - 32") 693373

Wands constructed for extreme flexibility and durability. Will bend without breaking or crimping. Us...

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[EZ Sorting Stick Picture # 1]

EZ Sorting Stick 685305

Durable sorting stick is 52" long with rattle.

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FOB Cambridge
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[Safe-Guard Suspension 10%-500mL Picture # 1]

Safe-Guard Suspension 10%-500mL 614300 RWA / VGF Approved

INDICATIONS: For the treatment of parasitic infections due to the following internal parasites in ca...

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[Leg Band-Green Picture # 1]

Leg Band-Green 697075

High quality plastic leg band.

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[Z-Tag Feedlot Tag-Pink 50/pkg Picture # 1]

Z-Tag Feedlot Tag-Pink 50/pkg 697867

Tag size is 4-1/2" (H) x 3" (W). Other colours available upon request.

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[Duct Tape-Red Picture # 1]

Duct Tape-Red 912693

Duct tape has a thousand uses and one of them is colour-coding of cows. Mark your special cows with...

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