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[Hombre-Mini Blocks 5kg Picture # 1]

Hombre-Mini Blocks 5kg 674419 Farm Declaration Form Required

Hombre contains difethialone, a single-feed anticoagulant. A low concentration of a very effective ...

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[Disinfection/Cleaner Doser-(1-2) Picture # 1]

Disinfection/Cleaner Doser-(1-2) 631139

WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. Attaches into existing pressure washer line and draws up soap or disinfectant....

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[First Strike-3.5kg Picture # 1]

First Strike-3.5kg 674520 Farm Declaration Form Required

First Strike Soft Bait is a new concept in rodenticide technology. It's highly effective and palata...

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[Jaguar-Bait Chunx 4.1kg Picture # 1]

Jaguar-Bait Chunx 4.1kg 674502 Farm Declaration Form Required

Jaguar is tougher on rats and mice with the strongest single-feeding anticoagulant available-Brodifa...

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(Can also be purchased in cases of 2)

[Synovex H-100/pkg Picture # 1]

Synovex H-100/pkg 687560

Synovex H implants contain two steroid hormones, 200 mg testosterone propionate and 20 mg estradiol ...

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[Electronic RFID Reader Picture # 1]

Electronic RFID Reader 697647

The T4A 2416 reader can read all FDX-B type electronic chips (complying with standard ISO 11784), FD...

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