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[Hog 45 Nipple Drinker-1/2

Hog 45 Nipple Drinker-1/2"Thread 917651

  Sale Price:
$5.00 each
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(Can also be purchased in cases of 100)

[Bekalo Maxo - Feed Wetter-1/2

Bekalo Maxo - Feed Wetter-1/2" Thread 913229

Stainless steel nipple drinker recommended for use with boars, gilts, sows, grower and finisher hogs...

  Sale Price:
$12.50 each
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(Can also be purchased in cases of 20)

[Anka Straight Coupling Pipe-1

Anka Straight Coupling Pipe-1" x 1" 913446

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[pH Strips 3.0-5.5-100/pkg Picture # 1]

pH Strips 3.0-5.5-100/pkg 695692

Each pH test kit contains one roll of pH paper, packed in a protective plastic dispenser, with a mat...

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[Anka Elbow Pipe-1

Anka Elbow Pipe-1" x 1" 913459

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[Hudson Anti-Siphon Valve -1/2

Hudson Anti-Siphon Valve -1/2" 913315

The Hudson Valves unique design maintains fluid levels in tanks and troughs with an exceptional pat...

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