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[Syringe, Allflex Repeater Metal-25mL Picture # 1]

Syringe, Allflex Repeater Metal-25mL 690794

The Repeater Syringe has an amber-coloured barrel which reduces UV sunlight exposure, has adjustable...

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Destron Fearing Small Round Tags 696597

WHILE QUANTITIES LAST. Check document under detail section for colour selection. Please specific col...

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Captive Bolt Gun Blitz Model 2019 691014 New

Blitz captive bolt gun for euthanizing animals. New 2019 model. Proven elements, such as the 9 x 17...

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[Ivermectin Pour-On-5L Picture # 1]

Ivermectin Pour-On-5L 603966

INDICATIONS: IVERMECTIN Pour-On for Cattle applied at the recommended dose level of 500g of ivermec...

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[Duct Tape-Green Picture # 1]

Duct Tape-Green 912692

Duct tape has a thousand uses and one of them is colour-coding of cows. Mark your special cows with...

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[Hombre-Mini Blocks 10kg Picture # 1]

Hombre-Mini Blocks 10kg 674429 Farm Declaration Form Required

Hombre contains difethialone, a single-feed anticoagulant. A low concentration of a very effective ...

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