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Ken's Clearance Corner

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[Calcium Borogulconate 23%-500mL Picture # 1]

Calcium Borogulconate 23%-500mL 602550

INDICATIONS: As a source of calcium for cattle, sheep and swine, to aid in the treatment of hypocalc...

Case Qty: 12
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Rumilife CAL24 Nutritional Supplement-Bolus Gun 602563 New

Stainless steel bolus applicators to administer RumiLife CAL24 nutritional supplement

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[Cal Mag Phos-500mL Picture # 1]

Cal Mag Phos-500mL 602549 RWA / VGF Approved

INDICATIONS: As an aid in the treatment of milk fever and other calcium, glucose, magnesium and phos...

Case Qty: 12
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[Ivermectin Pour-On-5L Picture # 1]

Ivermectin Pour-On-5L 603966

INDICATIONS: IVERMECTIN Pour-On for Cattle applied at the recommended dose level of 500g of ivermec...

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[Resolv-7kg Picture # 1]

Resolv-7kg 674535 Farm Declaration Form Required

Resolv soft bait rodenticide gives you strong results while lowering your cost-per-placement expense...

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[Tote-Max Blue Picture # 1]

Tote-Max Blue 915075

High quality, sturdy plastic tote. Perfect for keeping everything you need for a task together and ...

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