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[Starbar Premium Fly Bait-454g Picture # 1]

Starbar Premium Fly Bait-454g 677709 Farm Declaration Form Required

Starbar Premium Fly Bait is an improved fly bait formula containing Muscamone fly attractant which e...

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$13.95 each
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(Can also be purchased in cases of 12)

[Bugwacker Tall/600-600g Picture # 1]

Bugwacker Tall/600-600g 676449 Farm Declaration Form Required

A convenient space spray and can be used as a livestock spray. For use in animal housing, milk parlo...

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$24.95 each
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(Can also be purchased in cases of 6)
Misc Clearance Tags 655529

WHILE QUANTITIES LAST. Check document under detail section for colour selection. Please specific col...

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[Sani King Picture # 1]

Sani King 696500

WHILE QUANTITIES LAST. Automatic Bromine Sanitizer for Spas and Hot Tubs. Automatic, 24 hours a day...

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[Agita Fly Bait-1kg Picture # 1]

Agita Fly Bait-1kg 677616 Farm Declaration Form Required Video Available

AGITA is used as a scatterbait for the control of house flies on farms. Scatter AGITA very lightly ...

  Sale Price:
$37.95 each
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(Can also be purchased in cases of 9)

[BackLine Pour-On-1L Picture # 1]

BackLine Pour-On-1L 677080 Farm Declaration Form Required

BackLine Pour-On is a ready-to-use pour-on insecticide for control of biting lice, horn flies, rocky...

  Sale Price:
$26.95 each
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(Can also be purchased in cases of 6)