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[Quarter Milker Picture # 1]

Quarter Milker 613915

Quarter milkers are used to bypass a quarter during the regular milking of dairy cows when that quar...

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[Hog Sorting Panel-18

Hog Sorting Panel-18"x30" 693181

These rugged panels are designed for the rigours of handling and sorting your livestock. Designed an...

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[PortaSCC Cow Milk Test-24/pkg Picture # 1]

PortaSCC Cow Milk Test-24/pkg 634840

An on-farm somatic cell count test to detect sub-clinical mastitis in dairy cows. This patented prod...

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[Two Light Adapter Picture # 1]

Two Light Adapter 918411

WHILE QUANTITIES LAST. The adapter allows two lamps to be operated in a keyless ceiling socket. Eit...

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Misc Clearance Tags 655529

WHILE QUANTITIES LAST. Check document under detail section for colour selection. Please specific col...

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[Charm Trio Test-20 Kit Picture # 1]

Charm Trio Test-20 Kit 690986 Refrigeration Required

The Charm Trio Test is a single, 3 minute one step antibiotic test that detects beta-lactams, sulfon...

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