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Ken's Clearance Corner

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[Syringe, Primatech-Value 5mL Picture # 1]

Syringe, Primatech-Value 5mL 696749

Prima Tech Syringes have a new advanced design that makes it more comfortable to use. Ergonomic hand...

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[Coveralls Kids Navy Short Sleeved-12 Picture # 1]

Coveralls Kids Navy Short Sleeved-12 631693

One-piece, navy, high quality short sleeve, button-up coverall. Includes two pockets on the back, si...

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[Cattle Brush with Oiler Picture # 1]

Cattle Brush with Oiler 639724

A cleverly constructed combination of the cattle brush and a dispenser of any liquid. Keeps the ski...

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FOB Cambridge
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[iFeeder Picture # 1]

iFeeder 917362

The iFeeder is a simple ad-lib feeder for nursing sows that allows them to eat fresh feed 24/7 from ...

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[Greenlite LED Bulb 15W Picture # 1]

Greenlite LED Bulb 15W 691654 New

The Greenlite 15W LED bulb is a non-dimmable bulb and has a brightness of 1600 lumens with a life ex...

Case Qty: 24
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[EZE Bloodless Castrator Picture # 1]

EZE Bloodless Castrator 690938

WHILE QUANTITIES LAST. The Eze Bloodless Castrator is made of stainless steel, which is a bloodless ...

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