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Ken's Clearance Corner

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[The Giant Destroyer-4/pkg Picture # 1]

The Giant Destroyer-4/pkg 674486

The Giant Destroyer is known as the effective rapid gas killer for all tunneling and burrowing roden...

Case Qty: 12
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[Hombre-Pellets 100 x 25g Picture # 1]

Hombre-Pellets 100 x 25g 674439 Farm Declaration Form Required

Hombre contains difethialone, a single-feed anticoagulant. A low concentration of a very effective ...

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[Milk Bar Compartment for Calves-2 x 2L Compartment Picture # 1]

Milk Bar Compartment for Calves-2 x 2L Compartment 690612 Video Available

This style of Milk Bar Calf Self Feeder has two compartments each holding a half-gallon of milk repl...

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[Kerbl Pail-Pail Only Picture # 1]

Kerbl Pail-Pail Only 917375

Heavy-duty, all-purpose 12L bucket with metal handle. Lid and pail sold separately.

Case Qty: 10
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[Jaguar-Bait Chunx 4.1kg Picture # 1]

Jaguar-Bait Chunx 4.1kg 674502 Farm Declaration Form Required

Jaguar is tougher on rats and mice with the strongest single-feeding anticoagulant available-Brodifa...

Case Qty: 2
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[Phillips Floating Hook Picture # 1]

Phillips Floating Hook 696915

WHILE QUANTITIES LAST. This accessory provides flexibility to the user when drenching cattle.

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