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Ken's Clearance Corner

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[Floating Nipple-Replacement Nipple Picture # 1]

Floating Nipple-Replacement Nipple 690787

Replacement nipple for floating nipple.

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[Kerbl Tail Docker -Complete Picture # 1]

Kerbl Tail Docker -Complete 697105

Tail docking is recommended shortly after birth, max. 3-4 days. Generally tails are docked to a leng...

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[Hombre-Pellets Bulk 10kg Picture # 1]

Hombre-Pellets Bulk 10kg 674469 Farm Declaration Form Required

Hombre contains difethialone, a single-feed anticoagulant. A low concentration of a very effective ...

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[Detectable Syrvet Needle-20G x 1/2

Detectable Syrvet Needle-20G x 1/2" 695350

Detectable hypodermic needle - aluminum hub.

Case Qty: 100
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[Ideal D3 Detectable Needle-16G X 1

Ideal D3 Detectable Needle-16G X 1" 695405

D3 detectable needles have thick-walled cannulas, which are crimped and pressed into sturdy, plated ...

Case Qty: 100
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[Stericut Tail Docker -Complete Picture # 1]

Stericut Tail Docker -Complete 697125 New

The Stericut is a portable, gas heated instrument that provides a more humane alternative for dockin...

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