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Ken's Clearance Corner

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[Garth Pig Stockmanship Picture # 1]

Garth Pig Stockmanship 603300

WHILE QUANTITIES LAST. Garth Pig Stockmanship

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[Allflex Bottle Mount Syringe-5ml Picture # 1]

Allflex Bottle Mount Syringe-5ml 696771

Heavy duty bottle cage for protection. 50ml and 100ml bottles only. 2ml and 5ml syringes are also ad...

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[Electric Tail Docker Replacement Blade Picture # 1]

Electric Tail Docker Replacement Blade 697108

WHILE QUANTITIES LAST. Replacement blade for tail docker with cutting grip.

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[Syringe, Allflex Repeater Metal-50mL Picture # 1]

Syringe, Allflex Repeater Metal-50mL 696795

The Repeater Syringe has an amber-coloured barrel which reduces UV sunlight exposure, has adjustable...

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[The Giant Destroyer-4/pkg Picture # 1]

The Giant Destroyer-4/pkg 674486

The Giant Destroyer is known as the effective rapid gas killer for all tunneling and burrowing roden...

Case Qty: 12
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Misc Clearance Tags 655529

WHILE QUANTITIES LAST. Check document under detail section for colour selection. Please specific col...

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