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Ken's Clearance Corner

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[Top Marker-Green 500mL Picture # 1]

Top Marker-Green 500mL 696612

Syrvet spray marker is a tested formula that is fast drying, long lasting, and has a narrow jet spr...

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[Allflex Bottle Mount Syringe-5ml Picture # 1]

Allflex Bottle Mount Syringe-5ml 696771

Heavy duty bottle cage for protection. 50ml and 100ml bottles only. 2ml and 5ml syringes are also ad...

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[Magnets - Ringed Ferrite-3/4

Magnets - Ringed Ferrite-3/4" x 2 3/4" 694487

Use only one magnet for each animal for the prevention of hardware disease. Administer with a ballin...

Case Qty: 12
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[Safety Goggles Picture # 1]

Safety Goggles 614452

Safety goggles are an excellent precaution to use when working with disinfectants and cleaners to pr...

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[MS Powerclean Overall-Large Picture # 1]

MS Powerclean Overall-Large 65605345-L New

MS Powerclean overall is a spraying suit for all-round use in wet conditions. It is a special one-p...

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[Coveralls Beige Long Sleeved  -46 Picture # 1]

Coveralls Beige Long Sleeved -46 631705

One-piece, beige, high quality long sleeve, men's coverall with GVF logo. Includes zipper closure; ...

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